Modball App Usage Policy

During live events this app will provide participants (Modballer’s) the ability to share their location. Spectators will be able to track Modballer’s progress and link to their Instagram page.

Outside of live events this app will provide information on past and future events, event dates and news. Live tracking and participant login will be inactive.

Participants will only be allowed to login once their account has been activated by Modball admin for the event they have registered for.

User generated content

Participants can upload avatar and team name content via the app. This content will be used to show their location on the map to spectators.

Objectionable or abusive content including pornographic imagery, abusive or threatening team names, slander or swear words will not be tolerated in any way, any participant found to be uploading objectional content will be blocked from using the app and their account will be removed with immediate effect. Participants must also ensure that no copyrighted content is used.

Reporting abuse

Any user of this app may report objectional content to all reports will be dealt with within 24 hours.